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This is a must-read review before ordering RemBalance! There are interesting studies that show that weight is affected not only by the quality and quantity of food eaten, as well as the level of physical activity, but also by the duration and quality of sleep. Recently, there has been a trend towards a decrease in sleep duration and an increase in weight among the population. Scientists who have studied the sleep of people of different ages in different regions have suggested a link between short sleep duration and obesity.

In 2004, a large population-based study was conducted in the United States, including 1024 volunteers. As a result, it was possible to identify the proposed mechanisms of the effect of sleep on body weight. It turned out that in people sleeping less than 8 hours (74.4% of the subjects), weight gain was proportional to the decrease in sleep duration. Short sleep has been linked to low levels of leptin, an appetite-suppressing hormone. In the blood of those sleeping 5 hours a day, 15.5% less leptin was determined than in those whose sleep duration was 8 hours. Also, those who slept little had a higher level of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite: 14.9% more ghrelin was found in the group of people who slept 5 hours compared to those who slept 8 hours.

The “hunger hormone” ghrelin is produced in the stomach, and fat cells synthesize leptin. These hormones act on the hypothalamus, which regulates sleep, appetite, and energy exchange. Studies in rodents have shown that sleep deprivation has been related to excess food intake. Thus, it has been proven that a short sleep leads to:

  • a surge in the content of ghrelin, which contributes to the appearance of hunger and an increase in appetite;
  • the lowered level of leptin – a hormonal factor that contributes to the appearance of a feeling of satiety during meals, elevates the rate of metabolic processes and heat generation, and also inhibits the formation of glucose in the liver. A decrease in leptin levels inhibits the appearance of satiety during meals. Thus, the amount of food eaten increases. These changes are especially pronounced in conditions of nutrition with a calorie deficit.

To avoid weight gain, improve metabolic performance, and support the sleep/wake cycle, you don’t necessarily have to struggle with diet changes, exhausting exercises, taking dozens of vitamins, whatsoever. RemBalance will be enough!

RemBalance: What’s That?

RemBalance is a natural product designed for supporting one’s metabolic processes and sleep cycles. It’s based on organic components, aims at boosting metabolic activity, restoring the energy level, and improving circadian rhythms. It’s full of vital nutrients, fatty acids, and nerve-calming partials. The dietary aid is proven to be absolutely safe and non-toxic.

What Components Are Combined?

RemBalance combines only the most effective ingredients for promoting metabolism and enhancing sleep patterns. There are about 10 components in the formula. Yet, the potent mix consists of:

γ-aminobutyric acid The main function of gamma-aminobutyric acid is to reduce the neural activity of the neurons to which it attaches. It prevents the long-term activation of neurons and also plays a neurotrophic role by promoting the growth of certain neurons.
The main functions of GABA include:
  • motor activity regulation;
  • ensuring the processes of memory and thinking;
  • anticonvulsant action;
  • blood supply to the brain;
  • activation of energy processes;
  • increased respiratory activity;
  • acceleration of glucose utilization;
  • removal of toxic metabolic products.
Withania somnifera It fights stress and helps the body deal with it better. In addition, the plant prevents insomnia and difficulty sleeping.
Passiflora It ensures the proper functioning of the brain, reduces mind fog and stress, helps to fall asleep faster.
Mayweed extract This extract supports immunity, improves overall well-being, and helps to relax. It alleviates brain fog, boosts alertness, and reduces stress.
L-Tryptophan L-tryptophan is excellent in solving problems with sleep disorders. It facilitates falling asleep, increases the duration, improves the quality of sleep. There were tests that proved the effectiveness of tryptophan in depressive states. For example, two studies involving a total of 64 patients with confirmed depression found that taking tryptophan helped reduce symptoms. Also, this amino acid can help those who fight overweight.
Valerian root This component relaxes muscles, calms the nerves, and improves the sleep/wake cycle. It may improve mood, suppressing mood swings, and reduce the feeling of uneasiness.

How to Consume RemBalance?

To achieve noticeable results, users need to take at least two tablets on a regular basis. Split the dose into 2 servings: use 2 capsules in the evening (during or after the last meal). Wash the dietary supplement down with a glass of water. Note that the intake should be no later than 30-60 minutes before going to bed – thus,  RemBalance will act better.

As for usage limitations, RemBalance isn’t recommended for underage and allergic people, mothers-to-be and breastfeeding women. Also, if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, immunodeficiency disorder, or other serious conditions, consult your doctor first. The supplement may interact with prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Purchase Terms & Conditions

RemBalance is a worthy purchase in terms of its price and quality. The supplement is available in 3 variants:

  • 1 bottle – 49$ + a small shipping fee (no more than 10$, depending on your region);
  • 3 bottles – 44$ per unit + free delivery;
  • 6 bottles – 39$ per unit + free delivery.

The product is available for purchase only here. The official manufacturer guarantees a 3-month full refund for all customers. So, if you are unsatisfied with RemBalance (the bottle design doesn’t correspond with pictures, the product is ineffective, etc.), you can contact the support team within the indicated period and return your money.

What Effects Does RemBalance Provide?

RemBalance acts on the organism gently and safely. Many consumers note its slow but steady effect. In general, the supplement provides the following qualities:

  • RemBalance promotes digestion.
  • It prevents bowel issues, indigestion, epigastric burning, and similar conditions.
  • It boosts metabolic activity.
  • The supplement helps to lose extra pounds.
  • RemBalance improves sleep patterns.
  • The product reduces the risk of insomnia.
  • It calms the nerves, eases anxiety, reduces the feeling of uneasiness.
  • It restores the energy level.
  • The supplement enhances nutrient absorption.

Possible Side Effects

To date, there are no adverse reactions to the RemBalance supplement found. Some users note that taken in 3+ capsules, the product may provoke nausea and indigestion. Therefore, it’s quite important not to overdose!

What Do Consumers Think About RemBalance?

In pursuit of a slim body, I began to study supplements. Accidentally found RemBalance. I read the reviews and thought I’d give it a try. There was no particular hope for these pills, because I understood that to lose weight, you need not to eat too much and go in for sports. I started taking 2 tablets once a day before my bedtime. My weight began to decrease. But I do regular physical exercises! The supplement cleanses the intestines from toxins very well. My sleep is improved. I will buy more!

Samanta Woolley

A very cool supplement! I don’t know about other metabolism-managing products, but RemBalance really helps me. It gives a boost of energy (whoever goes in for sports, it is generally suitable for that). Talking about losing weight, I lost 1.5 cm at the waist in a week! With the supplement, I don’t feel hungry all the time; it suppresses appetite well.

Ciara Person

RemBalance has a pronounced antidepressant effect and also increases the neurotropic factor. With this supplement, my thinking becomes more productive, and my mood is “even”, without swings. For me, its main function – maintaining a good condition of the digestive system – is also important. Would definitely recommend this product to my friends!

Isla-Rae Stevenson

Took for recovery after covid. My stool did not want to recover in any way. Now, with RemBalance, it’s much better, and as a bonus, the state of my nervous system is also improved, my thoughts are clearer. Calmness without sedative and hypnotic effect, antidepressant effect. I take two capsules in the evening. I plan to take the supplement in courses for 2 months, twice a year. So far, I like it!

Tanner Riggs

A really working fat burner. It is very soft, but you feel a surge of strength. The supplement does not cause headaches or sickness. Helps to lose weight!

Selina Gould

RemBalance helped me! With proper nutrition and physical activity, it helps to remove excess fat! I ordered just for this. A surge of strength in the morning is provided. So that you can sleep well at night, don’t forget to take the supplement an hour before going to bed.

Inara Zamora

I bought it in the hope of boosting my metabolism a little. I really hope it helps. So far, I feel a surge of strength, and this is not bad!

Rueben Berger


RemBalance is designed specifically for addressing insomnia, difficulty sleeping, poor metabolism, and weight gain associated with disturbed sleep patterns. The supplement acts in a timely manner, without adverse effects and/or resulting in addiction. Its action is proven to be slow but steady and gentle. Within a month of using RemBalance, you will see significant changes in your appearance and feel improvements in your overall well-being!


  • RemBalance improves digestion.
  • It prevents bowel issues, indigestion, epigastric burning, and similar conditions.
  • It boosts metabolic activity.
  • The supplement helps to lose extra pounds.
  • RemBalance improves sleep patterns.
  • The product reduces the risk of insomnia.
  • It calms the nerves, eases anxiety, reduces the feeling of uneasiness.
  • It restores the level of energy.
  • The supplement enhances nutrient absorption.
  • RemBalance improves mood and helps to deal with mood swings.
  • The official manufacturer guarantees a 3-month full refund for all customers.
  • The supplement is available in 3 variants at discount prices.


  • RemBalance is sold online.

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