Acupuncture Bills 2017

Medical Waiver2017 Mississippi House Bills
HB495 Acupuncturists; Extend Repealer and Remove Prescription Referral Requirement.
HB452 Acupuncturists; Extend Repealer.

2017 Mississippi Senate Bills
SB2214 Acupuncturists; Extend Repealer and Recertify with NCCAOM and Remove Prescription Referral Requirement.
Status: PASSED in both the House and the Senate.  Effective July 1, 2017.
Medical Waiver (Temporary form in Adobe for Licensed Acupuncturists).

In the News…….
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2016 Mississippi House Bills
HB0082 Acupuncturists; allow to treat patients without written referral or prescription from physician subject to certain conditions.
HB0083 Acupuncturists; may treat patients for chronic or acute pain without physician referral if have analgesic drug Rx.2016 Mississippi Senate Bills
SB2022 Acupuncture Practice Act; delete requirement for physician referral or prescription and require recertification.

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